StarDate 2019.07-05

So today I took on the task of trying to learn new technology that I am completely unfamiliar with.

Dual Casting Webcams.

It was surprisingly easier than I expected it to be, yet surprisingly difficult at the same time.

The purpose behind running and recording two webcams at the same time is for the POV effect you have been seeing a lot of in current movies and tv shows. I’m an old person wanting to stay relevant, so, I’m learning new things. Again.

If you are a Patron of mine, you can see the video in question up there right now. It won’t be posted anywhere else for at least 24 hours, as to try and give the Patrons some exclusivity beyond the general public. This is how it will be with a LOT of the videos I make, some videos will be for Patreon ONLY, so, go become a patron and show your support to an old bitch that’s trying to make shit work.

The webcams I have are Logitech C922x Pro Streams. My husband bought them for me off my wish list I had for my birthday. They are quite simple and easy to use, basically plug and play, as most things are these days. What made it so difficult, was trying to figure out how to force two different files of video while recording at the same time. I don’t think the Logitech software allows for this ability. I searched for a good half an hour through the forums and the actual Logitech help blogs and came out of it with a fuckin goose egg.

I did, however, find one forum, way in the back of the internet, that showed me how to do what I was trying to do with 2 separate video recording programs. I was trying to avoid this, but, seems this is going to be the only way it’s able to be done. I NEED TWO VIDEO FILES FOR PROPER EDITING DAMMMMMAAAAAT.

I’m glad I got it figured out, and finally learned how the Filmora 9 software works, because I laughed my ass off watching the finished playback on the video. I’m an idiot. No wonder people find my idiocy entertaining. In my defense, I am extremely tired from lack of sleep. Fireworks didn’t stop until about 2 am last night. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m just a scatterbrained douchebag.

Stardate 2019.07-02

Today I finally managed to get the welcome video uploaded and published for Patreon/Youtube. I feel somewhat accomplished over that, as I really have a strong dislike for YouTube. A few years back they deleted my big account on me for having background music in a video in 2006. Lost everything. Still haven’t gotten over that, but I’m slowly moving past, obviously.

This is a strange, but not new, territory I am stepping into. It has been quite some time since I have done this sort of thing for much more than small fun for myself and for my followers on Facebook. I’m actually taking it seriously this time, going to see how it all pans out.

Moving forward, I plan on having a multitude of different things happening on the Mirror. I have set up interviews with people I used to work with that have spent half their lives trying to find medical breakthroughs, and some of the more higher profile celebrities that I have worked with over the years, as well as business and “wtf is that” reviews of the things that happen around the Los Angeles epicenter. Suggestions are always welcome as well, if there is anything you’d like to see out here.

So I just took a few minutes and went back to grab the link to the welcome video, and I noticed how terribly shitty the video editing is. It kinda gives it some charm though. The ridiculous end credits. Pfft. So dumb, but funny. That’s the point. I’ll get better with the video software I have, just give me some time. I used to use Vegas Video before, but it is currently on a laptop with dead coolant drives in it so, yeah, it’s gone, lol.

I’m gonna get out of here. I have to get a few things finished around the office here before I take off for home. It’s my birthday today, and the husband has promised me a tiki dinner with tiki drinks that have little umbrellas in them. I’m looking forward to that.


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